Farewell from BCZF

Farewell and thank you from BCZF!

After 8 brilliant years of Bristol Comic & Zine Fair, we have decided to call it a day.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved over the years – Organisers, volunteers, exhibitors, attendees and venues.

Bristol Comic & Zine Fair has been a blast, and we’re really proud of it, but we’re busy working on other things now, so no longer have the time to devote to organising it.

The comic & zine community is thriving right now, and it feels right to call time on BCZF while there are plenty of other things going on (see links below). Hopefully we’ll see you all at other events soon.










BCZF 2018 Thank You

Bristol Comic & Zine Fair 2018. We hope you had a great day.

After the success of BCZF 2017, we decided to stick with our new format: hiring the dual venue of The Station and The Kitchen. The whole ground floor was buzzing from the moment we opened the doors. Accessible Hour, from 11am started the event with a friendly atmosphere, and proved necessary as from 12pm on the dot, punters flooded in with no let-up until around 4pm. We made good use of the upper floors too, with a drop-in workshop on the 1st floor, organised by Chloe Moore, Hannah Chapman and Lize Meddings. Many thanks to Salford Zine Library for giving us permission to screen Self Publishers of the World Take Over. A 2011 film by Craig John Barr showcasing all the cool stuff that’s in the Salford Zine Library. We also hosted a presentation on zine culture, DIY Cultures and Shy Radicals by Hamja Ahsan. A really moving talk – passionate and thought-provoking.

Hamja talk

Thanks to the venues The Station and The Kitchen, especially Alice and Kate, for being helpful and communicative collaborators. The food was incredible!

We had the best crew possible at BCZF:

Tom – Veteran steward and volunteer supervisor

Trigger – Announcer, photographer, purveyor of sweets

Alton & Laura – Able assistants and AV wizards for the talk and film screening

Amy & Zoe – Tireless Communal Table organisers. A mammoth task managed with great efficiency – non stop from 10am-6pm.


Thomas, Electra, Namhara, Emma, Abbie. You were hardworking, enthusiastic and friendly.

IMG_4080 volunteers.JPGLaura & Alton

Thank you to all of the Communal Table exhibitors. There were 55 of you, which is a zine fair in itself. The quality and variety of publications was excellent.

Thank you to all of our exhibitors we hope you had a great day. You really brought enthusiasm and love for the community with you, and that can only be a good thing. Check out our brilliant Spotlight exhibitors here: https://bczf.co.uk/bczf-2018-spotlight/

Not forgetting the hundreds of people who braved the weather to come and support the scene. We hope you left with bags of comics, zines, and inspiration. Check out these photos by @robynnicolephoto on Instagram

We hope you loved our poster, by Molly Fairhurst, as much as we did – an eye catching colour combo of mint and pink, as well as the design for our tees and totes – Thanks to Not Now Studio for printing those up.

BCZF 2018 poster proof

Thank you to everyone who took part in the fundraisers: The Wine Mums, Diving Bell, The Perverts, and TS Idiot. We had a great night at Cafe Kino.

And everyone else who helped in the run-up to BCZF: Alice Urbino, CYN, Wychwood Festival, Prestige, Dan at Fat Flyers, Hobs, Ballpit Magazine, Sam, Ali, Simon, Bristol Sanctuary, & Samaritans.

Special mention to Lize Meddings for providing materials, expertise and good vibes at all three workshop sessions throughout the year – Wychwood Festival, Creative Youth Network, and at BCZF. Don’t forget, Sketchbook Club is at The Station on the 3rd Saturday of every month:

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 09.38.45

Thanks to Chloe for helping out with the fundraiser, providing screen printing, planning the drop-in workshop at BCZF and for your input on the exhibitor applications.

The biggest thank you of 2018 goes to Hannah. Commander Riker. Thanks for rising to the challenge, providing support, and fielding all of the tasks I threw at you with good grace.

BCZF 2018 proves that the self-publishing community is very much alive. Keep looking after each other, and keep creating. It’s always worthwhile.

Much love


BCZF Director

BCZF Floor Plans

Main hall

BCZF Main Hall Floorplan

The Kitchen

Kitchen Floorplan 2018

Navigate Bristol Comic & Zine Fair using the floor plans. Exhibitors will be revealing their table numbers throughout the day, and there will be lists next to wall-mounted plans at the venue.

Hamja Ahsan at BCZF 2018

We are delighted to announce that our first guest speaker at Bristol Comic & Zine Fair 2018 will be Hamja Ahsan!

Hamja is known for Shy Radicals / Free Talha campaign / Other Asias

He is also one of the curators of the excellent festival DIY Cultures:

DIY Cultures is an annual day festival exploring intersections of art and activism, running since 2013. The programme consists of a zine fair, exhibitions, workshops, contemporary craft, panel discussions, comic illustration, video art and digital animation exploring DIY practice. The event has established itself as a leading national forum for artists-run initiatives and alternative publishing. The event distinguishes itself by by its commitment to Black and people of colour empowerment and centralising marginalised histories and subcultures such as decolonalising initiatives, diaspora stories, prisoner solidarity, radical mental health and Muslim communities under the War on terror The festival programme has expanded into an accompanying extended exhibition and commissions programme.


Hamja will be speaking at BCZF on Saturday 6th October in the 2nd floor Dance Studio between 4.30-5pm: “Presenting DIY Cultures”

Fundraiser for BCZF 2018

It’s time for the annual Bristol Comic and Zine Fair Fundraiser!!!

We’ll have LIVE MUSIC!
We’ll have LIVE ART!

Wednesday 5th September
Cafe Kino
6-10pm (first band on at 7pm)
£4 on the door
Bring your nan

FB event page

The Perverts:

A noisy-punky-glitchy upbeat mess of sonic joy. A bit like The Slits meet Soronprfbs. Inspired by 80s video games and Gloria Gaynor. Will leave you with a fizzy bum for the whole evening. Includes puppets.


Diving Bell:

Reverb guitar ponce and fuzzy bass bastard tapdance to octoputian polyrhythm.


The Wine Mums:

Garage Pop inspired by Wine & middle class mother’s first world problems


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

With no external funding, BCZF relies heavily on the generous support of people like YOU to keep the event free to the public and an affordable space for artists!

BCZF Kino Fundraiser

Curation of BCZF 2018

This year’s BCZF application process has been the most difficult so far. We have been inundated with excellent applications, and we are very sorry that we couldn’t offer out more spaces.

We have received 235 applications requesting 311 tables. We only have 80 spaces available, using the whole ground floor of The Station. To cram more tables in would create a more crowded environment, with narrow walkways, and we are unwilling to do that for reasons of safety and accessibility.

We will be doubling the size of the Communal Table, in order to accommodate as many comic & zine creators as we can. The Communal Table has its advantages: It is a much cheaper option for the exhibitor, who is then free to enjoy BCZF all day while we sell their wares – max 4 copies of up to 3 titles (we take a flat fee of 50p per TITLE when you check your publications in, meaning the table space may only cost you £1.50)

We also understand that you may be disappointed with the offer of a half table if you requested a full one. We really encourage you to get creative with that space – stands/washing lines/banners/racks. Bring pins/clips/tape/string to make the most of it.

These numbers suggest to us that we need to rethink future events, but for this year we are committed to using The Station as it is. It also suggests that there is room for other similar events. We would wholeheartedly welcome new ventures in Bristol, so please let us know if you are looking to start another event – the more the merrier!

Take a look at this fantastic resource: https://www.patreon.com/fanzines for other events coming up.

It is not possible for us to give individual feedback on your applications. However, if you haven’t been offered a table and feel unhappy about it, please know that our decision is not a judgement on the quality of your work. Keep doing what you are doing – it’s all worthwhile. We really do appreciate the time and effort it takes to apply.

Thank you

Lots of love


2018 Applications

Applications for Bristol Comic & Zine Fair 2018 have now closed.

Thank you to everyone who applied – there were a lot of you!

We will be reading over the applications for a couple of weeks, and will let everyone know our decisions by the end of June.